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ToadieTechnika on Patreon; PrismCone music soon!

2017-09-20 10:22:52 by toadfrogs

Who am I? I'm the developer of some front paged games here at Newgrounds, especially Seed, Gallery and Chicken Enters the Door. My alias right now is Toadfrogs (which was 2006-ish), and it should be changed to ToadieTechnika when I'll be a supporter at Newgrounds pretty soon.

I know I've been in Newgrounds for a long time, uploading random games and some art, yet why I looked like that I post one news post just now? I've deleted all of my last posts (because I considered myself as immature before, hopefully I look mature on this one), period. And now I'm asking for some support.

If you want to support my work and help me continue do what I love doing which is creating free content for you, consider supporting me at Patreon. My mission is to create more free content without ads (yeah, especially mobile games and upcoming videos and animations): https://www.patreon.com/ToadieTechnika

For this September, I'll be releasing two 3D games here next week (today was September 20). No spoilers at the moment. Except something small at the bottom.

For the next music, I'll be uploading them under the artist name of PrismCone (under my current alias at Newgrounds of course) rather than being ToadieTechnika all around the development and art.

And, that's all for this post, it's kinda short but hopefully I'll see you in the next post. Have a nice day :D



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